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Starting Up....Starting Out

Oh where did it all go right!...

I bet that's not what you expected to hear from an opening blog on a start-ups site? But the truth is, that's how this journey feels for us! We have learnt some amazing things, met some amazing people and are on the verge of actually creating one of our initial products.

Now that's not to say the journey was all sunshine and roses - far from it, did we make mistakes, waste our time, appear unprepared, get set back and knocked down, loose faith...YES sir all of the above, at times, but we learnt something each and every time and as a start up that's what you have to do. Treat each of those experiences constructively and move forward! (still felt like a kick in the stones for a few days though...).

We were perhaps not the envisaged start up - of guns blazing, lets jump right on in, and throw ourselves around a bit until we see what we stick too... We have come the long route, the grafting route, not necessarily all by our choice but at the same time I would not change how it did happen as it lets us appreciate our company , our friendship and our journey just that little bit more.

We felt that going fully dedicated to a start-up was not for us and beside half the people we met couldn't decide what type of start up we where, or how we sat on the start up scale?? Half the time it appeared these days to be a start up you already have to be a small company or in fact on occasion a large one.

Our start-up was simple two people one idea and the drive to make it happen, so that's' what we relied on...our drive!! We knuckled down and worked hard in all the free time we had building contacts and working on the product and developing business know how and business plans. Not simple and not easy, especially when you have no returns in sight and have to work your day job just to keep going. But as John Wayne once said "Courage is scared to death but saddling up anyway" and that's just what we did put in the hard work and jumped on board that bucking bronco of a start up stallion.......................away back in 2015!

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