Reinventing Equine Fitness Tracking 

Equi-Pace epitomizes professional equine performance and well-being, blending the relationship between horse and rider at a new level.

Engaging understanding of key data to provide insights and actions to the equine athletes training like no other.

Driving performance and results when it matters to you.

Equine Wearable Fitness Tracker and Real-Time Analytics Platform



"Supreme Excellence is Simplicity"- Henry Wadsworth

Blends into the daily routine, allowing for free interaction between horse and rider. 

Enabled for simple connectivity and ease of access to horse profiles. 


"Before anything else, preparation is the key to Success"- Alexander Bell

All horses and their preparations for their chosen discipline are unique.


We recognise this, offering a bespoke system tailored to each discipline and individual, allowing for subtle but impactful changes to their preparations. 

Live Key Indicators and Comparisons

"Your Success is based on your ability to change faster than your competition"-Mark Sanborn

Assessing key indicators linked to the horses required fitness levels, live throughout the exercise session.

Well-being is charted to understand the individual and alerts sent directly to the rider, instructor or trainer.

Allowing for in the moment decision making and later comparisons. You can benchmark targets and work towards the horses' fitness goals. So you can achieve as a team.

Automatic Insights and Actions

" A good decision is based on knowledge and not numbers"-Plato

No longer just stats and mountains of charts for each horse, to be searched through manually.

Clear indicators and simple comparisons automatically generated, on a scale which suits you.

Over time our intuitive algorithm  (using practical knowledge and Equine Athletic Science)-generates actionable insights and adjustments to preparations for your chosen discipline, to help you achieve your goals.

Working With:

 (from left to right) Martin Rice and Brendan Lowry

Our Company, Our Belief

From Stable to...Success
We started out to build a product from the yard up, something which blends into the daily routine and  lifestyle that comes with working with horses day to day. With our passion for Horses and Engineering, we are quickly achieving our goal.

We believed we could develop a world leading equine fitness tracker, made from the beginning with the end user in mind, accompanied by unique algorithm which understands the key parameters for the horses performance and well-being


We felt the time was right, that we could achieve  merging industry knowledge with innovative technologies...to create an advancement in horse training across disciplines.



Providing Solutions Not just Statistics- because there is more to your horse than meets the eye.

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