The Evolve Training Platform drives performance and results when they matter to you. 

Identify athletic talent early, keep horses at their peak longer and anticipate any drop in performance before it happens.

Soon to be an industry benchmark in horse fitness and wellbeing tracking.

Wearable Fitness Tracker and
Actionable Analytics Platform

No longer charts and stats to search through manually, Evolve provides clear indicators and simple comparisons automatically generated on a scale to suit you.

  • Intelligent Hardware
  • Bespoke Device
  • Simplicity
  • Live Insights & Actions

The Evolve platform moulds to your training regime allowing you to toggle on/off aspects on which you wish to focus.

Reinforce your experience, instincts and observations with the evolve insights to make the next adjustments to your training.

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Wearable Device

A wearable device easily integrated into current tack. Practical, robust and reliable collecting vital signs, data and metrics to develop insights into fitness and wellbeing of the animal.

Dashboard & Metrics

Visual based platform for fast assessment. The dashboard provides insights to each individual under your management. All data collected is transformed into unique scores for quick assessment and action.

Simulations & Data

The Evolve platform is safe and secure, offering piece of mind to the user and enabling new levels of engagement with owners, through visualisations and simulations of the horses progress.


Assessing key indicators linked to animal health over time, enables the Evolve platform to provide a unique Health CV for each individual horse.

This is then made actionable, any deviation from that individuals daily ‘norms’ can be reported and notifications sent directly to any member of the team on the yard responsible for the animals wellbeing.

Over time, anticipate and be proactive in the management of lameness, illness or overtraining avoiding unnecessary loss of days in training and expenses.

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Number by which a yard could increase % of winners over 3 years


Saving on vet bills due to negating impact of overtraining on injuries


Turnover increase as horses out of training reduced

Statistics and solutions

Working to better the industry and the experience for those taking part is a key driver for the team here at Stable innovations.

So we extend our services in partnership to those within the industry, the bodies who govern racing and welfare, those looking to validate research, the management of the welfare of horses at racecourses and the public perception of racing as a sport.

We wish to help provide a more transparent and engaging industry to the public who have a love of the racehorse as we do.

Work with us to achieve your goals as we make them our own.