Powerful Visuals and a Robust Tracker


The Stable Innovations Evolve 1.0 training platform is consists of two key elements a device and a dashboard which work seamlessly together to deliver the most advance horse fitness tracker in the industry.

Our technology has never just been about building trackers but about creating a way to empower the user to take pro-active decisions on fitness and health of the animal by including the horse at the very core of the process.



Our technology is an integrated wearable device uniquely design to take accurate reading from the horse in training and at rest.

It can be adapted for multiple locations on the animal to work with what best suits your yard regime.

Simplicity at its core. Designed in the yard for the yard they are robust , easy to use and non-invasive they will have no additional impact than th e tack to which they integrate.


HARDWARE & Software

Our core wearable we refer to as the connector it is design to connect you the training with all the insights coming from the animals metrics on a daily basis.

At its simplest form we can break it down into 4 layers:

Layer 1

External – Flexible and secure outer shell

Layer 2

Interior – robust shock resistant shell and unique optical lens

Layer 3

The electronics (brain power) –  intelligent light and optical sensors collecting data.

Layer 4

The seal – waterproof, dust proof and thermal regulating.



The power of the evolve 1.0 platform, every horse as an individual, at your finger tips. Quickly View your yard in its entirety, select any horse in an instant and see its quick view- Fit Score and Wellness Figure for simple assessment. No searching through multiple layers of data or numerous horses. Evolve 1.0 can automatically show you Horses you wish to see, most at Risk, most improved, top performers, or a favourites list, you have the power to create your own and always be on top of the fitness and wellness in your yard at a glance.

Treating each horse as an individual, delve deeper with profile view, each horse has an invidual calendar highlighted to show intensity of work, select any day of interest to view the figures and make a decision if they are still on track for their race.

Any anticipations of illness, lameness or injury lead to a clear notification for action.

All our figures run of a simplistic colour code to ensure easy evaluation of the animal.

This is training improvements and evaluation made easy, alongside transparency and owner engagement at a new level, evolve 1.0 and make the next step in your training career.